Past & Upcoming Events

Motion Debate: Is "Religion" more harmful to society than good?

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

This is an invitation to attend and watch a live Motion Debate as an audience.  This event is in collaboration with, as part of the monthly debate series.  It's FREE to attend and complimentary beverages will be offered.

This month's Motion: on balance, is "Religion" more harmful  to society than good?

For the purposes of this debate, "Religion" is defined as “the belief in, worship of, or obedience to a supernatural power or powers considered to be divine, or to have control over human destiny."

Mike and Lee will team up against Richelle and Alex in debating for and against the Motion, respectively. It will be moderated by Thomas.

The Marshall Plan -- 70th Anniversary

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

As we commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the introduction of the Marshall Plan, we'll explore the historical, economical, and geopolitical factors and justifications that gave rise to this grand stimulus plan.

The topics will include the following:

• The role of the "Truman Doctrine"

• The outcome of the "Yalta Conference"

• The economic and development objectives

• The emergence of the World Bank and the IMF

• Criticisms and the unintended consequences

More details to follow.

New York, NY 10001 - USA

Thursday, October 19 at 7:00 PM


Rise of Nationalism (+ Military Expansionism) -- Part 2: China, India, Pakistan

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

This is a multi-part discussion series examining the ostensibly-sudden rise of nationalism in different parts of the world, including the U.S.

Building from themes that emerged from Part One,  for Part Two, we'll explore the current political climate and the "nationalistic fervor" enveloping in China, India, and Pakistan, including the following:

• "Nationalism" as a political ideology, giving rise to "Ethno-Nationalism" and "religious-based" nationalism.

• The emergence of the "National Consciousness"

• How "Nationalism" spills over into overseas or extraterritorial military expansion.

• The difference between "populist nationalism" and "authoritarian nationalism."


CHINA, then and now:


INDIA and PAKISTAN, then and now:

"Policy Night" with NYC Council Member Ben Kallos

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

A discussion of various local public policies at Council Member Kallos' district office.  Ask questions, express your concerns, or offer suggestions to improve the City life!

Official description: Policy Night is a chance for residents who have a policy idea they want to pitch and help implement; the goal is to empower residents and turn ideas into real solutions.

The date is tentative -- more details to follow.

New York, NY - USA

Tuesday, November 21 at 6:00 PM


Movement Politics (Part 3): Black Lives Matter and The Tea Party

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

The "Movement Politics" series explore the various social movements, political forces, and coalitions that aim to bring about certain political changes, reforms or outcomes in furtherance of advancing a particular ideology.  The "Movement Politics" series are purely intended to be for discussion purposes only, as the NYCPF does not endorse or advocate on behalf of any groups or organizations. 

Our aim is to explore these movements or groups, in depth, without the veneer of hyperpartisan rhetoric -- thus, the discussions will be based on factual evidence, coupled with sound, logical reasoning and persuasion with the highest level of intellectual rigor.

The past discussions included:

Part One -- "The "Alt-Right"­ and the "Regressive Left"

Part Two -- The Rise and the (Ostensible) Fall of the Religious Conservatives in the U.S.