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The Rise of Nationalism (and Populism) -- Part One: Europe

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

This is a multi-part discussion series examining the ostensibly-sudden rise of nationalism in different parts of the world, including the U.S.

For Part One, we'll explore current the political and socio-economic climate in Europe, including the following:

• "Nationalism" as a political ideology, giving rise to "Ethno-Nationalism" and "religious-based" nationalism.

Law, History & Politics: the Chinese Exclusion Act + Korematsu v. U.S.

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

We'll continue our discussion in this new series -- LAW, HISTORY AND POLITICS

"Policy Night" with NYC Council Member Ben Kallos

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

A discussion of various local public policies at Council Member Kallos' district office.  Ask questions, express your concerns, or offer suggestions to improve the City life!