We're excited to announce a partnership with MotionDebate.com!

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The NYCPF is excited to announce a new partnership with MotionDebate.com.

The Motion Debate hosts monthly live debates addressing current issues, where anyone can watch or participate. Learn skills and strategies used in competitive debate, and their application toward real-world situations.

Many important political subjects matters and public policies are highly debatable. At the Motion Debates, we exchange these views in an exciting live setting! Additionally, the audience members play an active role in: 1) during the live "Q&A" portion; and 2) registering their views during the pre-debate and post-debate stages.

The upcoming debates will include:

January 26, 2017
Is abundance of open information more harmful or good to society?

Feb. 22, 2017
Does the government have a duty to educate its citizens?